In the modern facilities of BMT, for manufacturing, packaging, and R&D studies, there are 5 ISO Class 7 clean rooms which are completely electronically controlled and monitored real-time 24/7 for parameters such as temperature, pressure, air exchange rate, and so on.

All raw materials and equipment used in the manufacturing process are supplied from companies of European and American origins that have the highest technological capacities, and this way, the highest possible quality is aimed for our products.

Our company has the ISO 13485 document approved by KİWA Meyer. The products in Suprabone platform carry the stamp of Class III CE, in which the highest security standards for manufacturing conditions are applied. Product validation and quality control tests are carried out in reputable institutions and universities in our country like TÜBİTAK, Hacettepe, and METU. The tests and validation of critical processes like packaging and sterilization are done in specialist institutions located in England.

All of our products are packaged via a packaging system capable of doing forming and sealing processes automatically in our ISO Class 7 (10.000) clean room, designed especially for packaging, this way, contamination risk during the process is minimized.