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Suprabone +ASC Kit contains Suprabone –TCP granule and syringe. Suprabone-TCP is pure β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP). Suprabone-TCP is an osteoconductive support matrix that, when implanted, is biocompatible and resorbable, and it supports the formation of new bone tissue in the defect area. Suprabone-TCP is resorbed while being replaced by newly formed natural bone. It does not carry any diseases of human or animal source since it does not contain any tissues of that kind.

The bone marrow aspirate obtained from iliac crest or vertebral body during operation is used by mixing with Suprabone granules. Suprabone provides a perfect habitat for rehabilitative stem cells in bone marrow aspirate. The bone marrow aspirate to be obtained can be 10-20 cc, depending on the choice of the surgeon. The rehabilitation qualities of β-TCP granules, which come together with the rehabilitative stem cells in the bone marrow and rehabilitation factors, has been stated to be equivalent to autograft.


  • General bone defect filling material
  • Repairing periodontal defects
  • Raising the base of the sinus
  • Repairing metaphysical defects
  • Repairing defects in long bones and limbs
  • Ineatment of arthrodesis and benign tumors
  • Spinal fusion
  • Can be safely used in maxillofacial reconstruction, bone augmentation, and etc.
# Product Description Particle
1 AS2120421 +ASC Kit 2-4 mm 30 cc
2 AS2120422 +ASC Kit 2-4 mm 5 cc
3 AS2120423 +ASC Kit 2-4 mm 10 cc
4 AS2120424 +ASC Kit 2-4 mm 15 cc
5 AS2120431 +ASC Kit 4-7 mm 30 cc
6 AS2120432 +ASC Kit 4-7 mm 5 cc
7 AS2120433 +ASC Kit 4-7 mm 10 cc
8 AS2120434 +ASC Kit 4-7 mm 15 cc