Suprabone Putty consists of two compounds provided to be merged before implementation. (Compound A and Compound B). Compound A is β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), and Compound B is a cellulosic carrier. Suprabone Putty can be prepared in two different forms by mixing both of the compounds in specific proportions (refer to Implementation section below). This feature gives the surgeons the opportunity to prepare putty forms that are injectable or can be turned into dough before use, depending on the intended purpose. It is an osteoconductive support matrix that, when implanted, is biocompatible and injectable, and it supports the formation of new bone tissue in the defect area. Suprabone Putty is resorbed over time and, at the end, replaced by natural bone. The cellulosic carrier (Compound B) used in the preparation of Suprabone Putty is biocompatible and resorbed. it helps with vascularization by leaving cavities in the defect area as a result of fast degradation. Suprabone Putty does not contain tissues of human or animal sources, thus has no risk of communication of diseases.


  • General bone defect filling material
  • Repairing periodontal defects
  • Raising the base of the sinus
  • Repairing metaphysical defects
  • Repairing defects in long bones and limbs
  • Ineatment of arthrodesis and benign tumors
  • Spinal fusion
  • Can be safely used in maxillofacial reconstruction, bone augmentation, and etc.
# Product Description Particle
1 P2110211 Putty 1 cc
2 P2110213 Putty 5 cc
3 P2110214 Putty 10 cc