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Collagen Stimulating

With time, collagen production decreases…

Novuma is a collagen stimulating. It shows lifting and recovery effect on our skin from the moment it is injected. By increasing the activation of fibroblasts, it enables our skin to produce natural collagen. In this way, it shows its long-term effect.

It helps you achieve a more dynamic, vibrant and youthful looking face.

What Is Collagen?

What Does It Do?

Collagen is our building blocks which gives our skin flexibility and tightness. The collagen in our skin and muscles is responsible for strengthening our connective tissue. It gives our skin endurance, elasticity and brightness.

In time, collagen production slows. Collagen produced frequently by our body in our young age; begins to slow due to our age, nutritional changes, environmental factors, stress, smoking and sun exposure. However, wrinkles, lines, asymmetries and folds appear in our skin in addition to tired facial expression.

What Is The Benefits of Collagen?

Collagen, the building block of our body; is a protein found in bones, muscles, tendons, and skin. This protein basically supports tissues and helps tissues or organs to remain alive and flexible.

The collagen production in our body decreases by 10% to 20% after age 30. When our collagen amount decreases, we just won't have skin problems. Our articular cartilage will be also weak. Bones begin to weaken. In these processes we can take collagen supplement in order to replace the collagen which has an important role in our body.